Remember That Time Trump Was SO MAD Michelle Obama Didn't Wear A Head Scarf In Saudi Arabia?

Remember That Time Trump Was SO MAD Michelle Obama Didn't Wear A Head Scarf In Saudi Arabia?

Once upon a time, back in January of 2015, Michelle Obama went to Saudi Arabia and did not wear a head scarf -- which she intended to be a deliberate statement on the women's rights situation in that country. Which, you know, is not too good.

Donald Trump was none too pleased about it! Which was interesting, given that he was so deeply convinced that President Obama was a SECRET MUSLIM, and how often he went on and on about how much he really hates Islam:

Welp! Apparently we didn't make "enuf" enemies at all, because Melania Trump has joined him on his trip to Saudi Arabia, and she is not going to be wearing a headscarf or abaya either. Because apparently she even plagiarizes Michelle's fashion decisions/political statements.

Ivanka Trump, who is also part of her father's delegation, has also declined to wear an abaya. You know what she is probably wearing? One of those cold-shoulder dresses or tops. She has a LOT of them in her "fashion" line and I have decided that perhaps one of the best ways to take down the Trump administration down is to start a rumor blaming her for the whole loathed trend. Yes! It is totallyIvanka Trump's fault that we can't find shirts with shoulders anymore. Tell your friends, spread the word.

I do not personally blame Melania for not wanting to wear a scarf on her head, mind you. As you can see from the picture, she clearly just got a blow-out while on the plane, and putting a scarf over her head after that would just negate the whole thing. But why isn't Donald Trump concerned that this may insult people, like how he was when Michelle Obama did it?

It's almost as if -- wait for it -- he doesn't actually have any true convictions at all, outside of constantly looking for ways to go after people he does not like.

I bet that right now you are wondering "Well gee! What did Jim Hoft, the Stupidest Man on the Internet, have to say about this?" Or not! But I am going to show you anyway, because it is hilarious.

I like that he specifically contrasted it with a picture of a time when Michelle Obama did wear a headscarf, rather than the time she did not. The actual article, outside of a dek that says "Beautiful First Lady Melania Trump will not be asked to wear a head scarf during her visit to Saudi Arabia this week" is, of course, just a copy/paste from Russia Times about how they don't actually require women to wear head scarves when they are visiting the country. Nothing about how a special exemption was made for Melania on account of her being so beautiful.

He then follows that up with a picture of a woman in a full niqāb, for reasons.

Please give us some money, and help fund my own scarf collection.

[ABC News via Joe.My.God.]

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