Remember the Idiot Republican Bobby Jindal Mocking 'Volcano Monitoring'?


[youtube expand=1]

It's unfair to blame only Bobby Jindal, the boy exorcist of the bayou, for this asinine response to Barack Obama's first State of the Union address. Why? Because the entire national GOP leadership shares the blame for this dumb bullshit. But doesn't Bobby look smug while he consults his illustrated Bible for proof that American manufacturing, high-speed trains and geological disasters are all simple tricks of the Devil?

Wow, $300 million to buy American-made cars for the American government's fleet of cars? And $8 billion for high speed rail projects in America, when China has spent $170 billion on fast trains in the past decade and will have invested $300 billion by 2020? ("Disneyland" is apparently what Jindal thinks is the real name for "Los Angeles," which is actually the nation's second largest city and not some tiny swamp suburb like Baton Rouge, and the only California high-speed rail project ready to build connects LA/San Diego and San Francisco/Sacramento, the two population centers of America's most populous state.)

But, chuckle chuckle, the *real* outrage is spending $160 million on the monitoring of active volcanoes in the United States. Ha ha, what kind of science nerd thinks volcanoes even exist? Was Jesus pooped out by a *volcano*? Exactly. [TPM via They Gave Us a Republic]


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