Remembering America's Glenn Beck Slob Picnic, With Historical Video

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Did you love GlennBeckPalooza so much that you wish it would just happen forever, sort of like a picnic but the people never go home, because they actually live in the bushes? Well then, you will love these videos we have for you! This first one is from Reason TV, the libertarian pornography network, and it's surprisingly kind considering how much host Nick Gillespie hates Jesus and old people. But if that's "not your style," there are others to enjoy (?).

[youtube expand=1]

This one was done by some young, sincere libtards. We've seen this guy's stuff before, and the idea is to sort of look polite and "let the wingnuts dig their own grave" or whatever. We like the Reason one better, frankly, because it's not so sleazy.

[youtube expand=1]

And here's, obviously, the only news we believe: Al Jazeera. The end.


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