• The Cordoba Victory Party Mosque continued to inspire America's best passions all over our xenophobic idiot-state, even after our own Muslim president cowardly came out in favor of its "constitutional" right to exist.
  • Famous clown/Senator Carl Levin got smacked in the face with a Cordoba pie.
  • A man whose name supposedly means "a frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter" heard the Lord's call to tramp around Iowa, flipping pork chops, so that he might convince people he could be America's next "worst president."
  • America's most malignant cancer, bumper stickers, continued to pierce the souls of those most attuned to their messages of hateful coexistence.
  • South Carolina senatorial hopeful Alvin Greene let out a mighty roar, despairing of our nation's losing the long-held Daoist beliefs brought by the pilgrims, on the Mayflower.

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