Remembering Our Fallen Week: The Iceman Cumeth

  • Polar Bear fetishist Al Gore took a break from saving the world in 2006 to allegedly tell a masseuse to melt his iceberg.
  • Actual literate person, Greer Mansfield, joins the Wonkette staff to review Glenn Beck's new chick-lit novel.
  • Fresh from dumping the lovely Campbell Brown, CNN lowers its standards and acquires a new piece of ass, two in fact! Many more Pulitzers are in store for this conservative squawk-box and disgraced part-time Slate columnist.
  • Speaking of Pulitzers, our own Ayn Rand comic strip series has yet to be nominated, why won't they take our award-bait?
  • General McChrystal had a pretty fun week being fired.
  • Obama and Russian President Medvedev practiced their socialism by splitting an order of fries in Arlington, Virginia.
  • Bristol Palin is on a television show,The Secret Life of the American Teenager! But when will Tripp appear on Toddlers and Tiaras?

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