Remembering Our Fallen Week: Video-Art Installation Edition


  • Beloved Wonkette star Alvin Greene reached a higher plane of existence this week, learning to reproduce via binary fusion, resulting in a series of plastic automatons and a unique, more born-again approximation of our #1 Democrat.
  • The Wonkette bathhouse welcomed a brand new columnist to our wet sauna.
  • Sarah Palin assembled a slideshow on her iMovie to show the world just how proud the Mama Grizzlies are of their ability to maul and dismember anyone who comes close to their children (assault riffles).
  • The very first Weeping Eagle Awards were held this week, resulting in many tearful acceptance speeches and many more tearful bathroom vomiting sessions.
  • Ayn Rand comic book hero Ayn Rand unleashes her inner Goku-Vegeta in this week’s episode of our continuing comic book serial.
  • Miami Heat, the basketball team, acquired Lebron James the noted basketball genius and ESPN Vitamin-Water whore. Predictably Joe “Miss Cleo” Biden LIED TO US, saying he would stay in Cleveland.
  • Republican Mike Weinstein resorted to the butchest of all art forms for his campaign: Broadway-inspired musical revue.

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