Way back in January 2000, John McCain was winning New Hampshire, George W. Bush didn't matter, and Hillary Clinton was in the White House. So much has changed. Thanks for being part of our fun-filled New Hampshire coverage. We have more reports and video and photos and detritus that we'll be posting in the morning, but it's pretty much a wrap for tonight -- 86% of the precincts have managed to turn in ballots, and there's really only 6,000 votes between Hill's big victory and Barry's tragic race-based loss. If you want a quick bullet-point link list, you are in luck because we are posting one right here:

* Liz Glover wasn't just hob-nobbing with Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich, she actually felt up Barry Obama's bomb-sniffing dog. We have a Polaroid of this!

* Walnuts McCain won New Hampshire, just like always. Congratulations, dangerous old psychopath!

* Dennis Kucinich may have lost the race, but he won the marathon. Something like that.

* Ron Paul didn't quite end up beating Rudy Mc911 for the coveted 4th Place Position, but it was kind of fun to imagine it.

* At Obama's N.H. H.Q., the kids wept like little bitches.

* We did some serious liveblogging and you did some serious commenting, especially here in this shocking commenter-only thread, this disturbing deer-illustrated diary of the many tragic losers, and this recounting of Hillary's inspiring victory speech. She is our Queen of Hearts.

* John Edwards just wanted to say a few words about those tragic victims of the Insurance Companies, because that's the only speech he's got these days.

* Our old friends and former Wonkette editors Alex Pareene and Choire Sicha dropped by to say terrible things about the candidates.

* What does it mean for Obama to get Second Place? We don't know, but it could be sad!

* Vermin Supreme is all about Hope.

* Remember Mitt Romney? Neither does he!

* Wonkette's smartiest commenters predicted everything exactly right, three hours beforehand!


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