Remembering Peter Jennings and Also One's Own Lonely Adolescence

Feel the need to weigh in on Peter Jennings but have nothing to say? Follow the example NJ Star-Ledger's Matt Zoller Seitz and write what you know:

He was Mr. Spock to Brokaw's folksy Bones McCoy and Rather's impetuous Captain Kirk -- an alien intelligence from the planet Canada, offering not a hug or even a reassuring pat on the shoulder, but a poker face that was accented, on rare occasions, by a faintly raised eyebrow.
Guess that would mean Bernie Shaw is Lt. Uhura. But mostly it means Mr. Seitz is in the wrong line of work should get out more.*

*Upon re-reading the column, we wondered if it was really appropriate for a mere blogger to pronounce a real journalist unfit for duty based on a single ill-choosen paragraph. Mr. Seitz is welcome to whatever career path his tricorder takes him on.

Jennings a matter-of-fact news anchor [NJ Star-Ledger]


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