Rent Deposit Minus 8

We've been hearing from a lot of people about the NYDN item reporting on Jenny 8. Lee's landlord troubles. That she's being asked to pay for damages isn't what's shocking, of course. It's that there were damages. What could they possibly be? Rumpled napkin? Ripped stocking? Did someone spill a Shirley Temple? Jenny's a sweet girl and everything but we went to one of those parties and it was populated mainly by the Harvard Crimson Junior Alumni Tea-Drinking Brigade. You couldn't even get a real drink. (Wine? Beer? Please, if I'm going to put up with a Harvard graduate me telling my in all caps about her Important New Job, I need Everclear.)

Anyway, as our no return on his deposit operative put it: "Now I kind of wish I'd gone to one of her parties, I kept having other stuff to do... If I'd known they were breaking the apartment it would have seemed more fun."

Jenny 8.'s inside story [NYDN]


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