Rep. Jeff Duncan Hoping To Seem Like Most Racist Person In South Carolina

Rep. Jeff Duncan Hoping To Seem Like Most Racist Person In South Carolina

We get it: South Carolina Republicans are racist. Racist racism-loving slobs full of racism with more racism slathered on top, for racism. It's assumed. But is it alsoa contest? Please oh please let it be a contest, because newly-elected teabagger Rep. Jeff Duncan wants to win it so bad. Here, he has a submission for you to consider, an elaborate verbal prose piece he worked on very hard discussing how the illegal browns, all of them, are filthy scavenging vermin who sneak into his home and clean his kitchen and then demand his food and bathroom products, just like that, for free. And those are just the best parts!

Just look at all the vile paranoid imagery he has managed to include, in his little talk that he made to a crowd of college students.  From Greenville Online:

“It’s kind of like having a house — and you’re not homeowners, a lot of folks in this room, but your Mom and Dads are — taking the door off the hinges and allowing any kind of vagrant, or animal, or just somebody that’s hungry, or somebody that wants to do your dishes for you, to come in. And you can’t say, ‘No you can’t come in.’ And you can’t say, ‘No you can’t stay all night.’ Or ‘No you can’t have this benefit of using my deodorant.’ All those things. We’re giving those benefits away, which we earn as citizens of this nation, of being legalized citizens.”

So, judges? [Greenville Online via Columbia Free Times]


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