Rep. Jeff Flake Would Like To Redact That Thing About Referring To Himself As A 'Pansy'

Republican Arizona congressperson Jeff Flake spent the week on a desert island, literally, and someone asked him how this made him feel. Well, truth is, Jeff Flake hasn't felt like a man since leavin' the ranch. Nope, it's impossible to feel like much of a man at all, with this fancy humans-only society-livin'. "I've felt like a pansy, I guess, and this made it feel like I was actually doing something again." Like, he didn't feel like such a queer again, on account of all the nature and shit. "Congressman Flake didn’t realize that that word can have a negative connotation. He simply meant 'wimpy.' He apologizes if anyone took offense to it," said his spokesperson. Does this look like the face of a pansy to you?? [Ben Smith]

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