Rep. Lauren Boebert Introduces Bills To Block Mask Mandate, Paris Accord, Sanity, Etc.

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Rep. Lauren Boebert Introduces Bills To Block Mask Mandate, Paris Accord, Sanity, Etc.

Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert still has a cloud of suspicion hanging over her head over whether or not she had a role in the Capitol riots on January 6. While nothing has been definitively proven, Boebert's connections to militia groups, her tweets about "1776" and rumors that she led a tour group of "patriots" looking to case the joint have made her colleagues a little nervous. There is increasing evidence that the rioters had an "inside man and/or woman," and — due to her incendiary behavior, many assume it was her.

But that doesn't really bother her at all. If anything, she feels even more like she's doing what she wants and what her supporters want — largely because her supporters are the exact kind of people who would storm the Capitol. And she has no problems continuing to pander to them, even if it means racking up $5,000 fines for setting off metal detectors in the Capitol building with her beloved glock.

And one of the first things she's doing this week is introducing bills meant to block good things President Biden is doing that she doesn't like — namely, requiring people on Federal grounds to wear masks and rejoining the World Health Organization and the Paris Agreement.

Via Colorado Public Radio:

The first bill would prevent the U.S. from spending any money to rejoin the Paris Climate agreement unless the Senate ratifies the agreement.

"Responsible energy production supports more than 230,000 Colorado jobs," she said in a statement. "The Paris Agreement puts these jobs at risk and will increase energy costs."

The second bill would prevent funds going to the World Health Organization until America holds the international health organization and China "accountable for their role in the global pandemic."

This was a constant refrain from former President Donald Trump, who downplayed the pandemic in its early days and whose administration was criticized for its response to the coronavirus and attempted to pull out from the WHO.

Boebert's third bill would overturn Biden's mask mandate on federal lands and interstate travel on planes, trains or buses. She called it "continued federal overreach." Boebert defied public health orders by keeping her restaurant open during the early days of the pandemic.

None of this is going to happen, obviously. Rejoining the World Health Organization and the Paris Agreement is already done. and she doesn't have anywhere near the votes she would need in the Democratic-controlled Congress. Unless she's really stupid — which is very possible and in fact likely, given her early support of QAnon — she knows this. Though I do doubt she has any idea what the Paris Agreement is. She's just introducing these bills because doing so will make her equally terrible supporters feel like she is fighting for them — and that, actually, is quite clever. Not that being in the minority has ever dissuaded Republicans from pushing their own agenda and introducing terrible bills, whether they have any chance of passing or not. It's marketing.

It's still not clear what Boebert's role in the January 6 riots was, and it may never be — unless she gets ratted out by someone looking to get a lighter sentence. But judging by this move it's clear that we've got two years of "WTF did this one do now?" ahead of us — but at least, for now, she's a little less dangerous than she would be if she were in the majority.

[Colorado Public Radio]

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