Reporter Asks Trump About QAnon, Mass Arrests Fail To Ensue

Reporter Asks Trump About QAnon, Mass Arrests Fail To Ensue
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According to QAnon lore, the one piece of the puzzle that was needed to set everything in motion was for a reporter from the mainstream media to ask Trump "the q." "The Q" being "Is QAnon real?"

It was then that he was supposed to look out to the people at home and solemnly say "My fellow Americans, the Storm is upon us." Or tweet it. One of the two.

They even have t-shirts. All kinds of paraphernalia, really. Google the phrase and all kinds of merchandise pops up.

According to "the plan" that the QAnon people are supposed to be #TrustThePlan-ing, this should have been a signal to his secret police who would immediately begin doing mass arrests of Democrats and Hollywood liberals, so that they can be tried in military tribunals and then publicly executed for their part in a global Satanic cabal whose primary purpose is sexually torturing and eating children. This is the "show" in #EnjoyTheShow. At some point during all of this, all of the family members and former friends of QAnon people who had previously ditched them for talking crazy all of the time will be very horrified and contact their family members and former friends to apologize for having been so cruel and to beg them to explain what is going on. There's supposed to be a lot of reeling and "Oh, how could we have been so blind! Our whole world is falling down around us!" The Q people, of course, will be very gracious and accept their apologies and bask in the glow of having been right all along.

That is what is supposed to be going on today, because yesterday, Jill Colvin, the White House reporter for the Associated Press, asked Trump if he believed in QAnon.


Q Okay. And then I wanted to ask you, you congratulated Marjorlie [sic] — Marjorie Taylor Greene in a tweet. You called her a future Republican star. Greene has been a proponent of the QAnon conspiracy theory. She said that's something that should be — would be worth listening to. Do you agree with her on that?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, she did very well in the election. She won by a lot. She was very popular. She comes from a great state. And she had a tremendous victory, so absolutely, I did congratulate her.
Please. Go ahead.

Q But specifically — specifically on QAnon —

THE PRESIDENT: Go ahead, please.

Q — and her decision to embrace that conspiracy theory, do you agree with her on that? That was the question.

THE PRESIDENT: Go ahead, please.

It should not surprise you that the goalposts have since moved. Apparently, Trump not explicitly denying QAnon is proof that it is real now.

Jordan Sather, one of the biggest Qboosters on the internet — who somehow managed to escape that big ol Twitter purge of QAnon-related accounts, asked "President Trump just had all the chance in the world to condemn #QAnon right there at the White House podium and he didn't. What does that tell you?"

Personally, it tells me that he's an opportunist who probably does not really know what the fuck they're even on about.

Other devotees said that the reporter didn't ask the "Q" the exact right way — that they had to ask if Trump knows who Q is or if Q is part of his team in order to set the whole foretold chain of events into motion. Some said he couldn't because it wasn't "time."

I'm sorry, I had to include that reply on account of the fact that it's just so pukey.

Of course, the election is in November, so he doesn't have a whole lot of time left to give these people what they want. I mean, one would have to imagine these military tribunals and public executions would take quite a bit of time. Is he going to have time for that while he's campaigning? When would he golf?

Others claimed that when he said "Absolutely, I did congratulate her" that was code for "Absolutely, QAnon is real."

A personal favorite is this very important clue from one of the replies to that tweet, which apparently means ... something: "He moved his left shoulder a bit. Usually he does not."

Ah yes, the famous left-shoulder moving signal that we all know so well.

Given the fact that the QAnon conspiracy is increasingly becoming a factor in many upcoming elections, it's unlikely that this is going to be the last time Trump gets asked about it. it will be fascinating to see just how far those goal posts are capable of moving. (I'd say "to the moon!" but there are a lot of flat earthers up in that joint and they don't believe the moon is real.)


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