Repro Roundup: Forced Birthers Not So 'Pro-Life' After All, Part 4,252,337

This week's abortion stories are a great lesson on who it is that really cares about "life."

What Kind Of Douchebag Would Set Fire To A Planned Parenthood?

32-year-old Tyler Massengill of Chillicothe, Illinois, pleaded guilty to setting fire to a Planned Parenthood in early January. Massengill told FBI investigators that he was still mad about his ex-girlfriend having had an abortion three years ago and said that causing even a little delay to someone getting treated there would make it "all worth it."

It will shock you to know that Massengill has an extensive rap sheet, including charges for both domestic battery and aggravated domestic battery, which could certainly be one reason his ex may not have been chomping at the bit to start a family with him.

No one was hurt in the fire, but it caused damage amounting to at least $1 million.

Massengill will be sentenced in July and faces up to 40 years in prison.

[Illinois DOJ]

Mississippi Governor Not Sure "Health Care" Would Do Anything To Improve Health

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves has no problem when it comes to dropping $10 million in tax cuts to help "Crisis Pregnancy Centers" in their efforts to tell pregnant people to find Jesus and not have abortions in a state where abortion is now illegal, but when it comes to postpartum healthcare ... he's gonna need to see more "data" on that, okay?

For a mere $7 million, Reeves could get tens of millions for his state for a postpartum Medicare expansion that would provide thousands of parents with 12 months of postpartum care rather than the 60 days they currently get. This has been an ongoing issue in the state for two years now, but he's still not sure about it.

Via Mississippi Today:

“What I’ve said repeatedly on postpartum Medicaid expansion is, No. 1, I’m proud to be the governor of the state of Mississippi that overturned Roe v. Wade. Mississippi is a pro-life state and we stepped up.

“I’ve also said that we as a state have to move to the next phase of the pro-life movement, and that’s ensuring that we support moms and babies,” Reeves said. “That’s a stated goal that is not going to be easy and it’s not going to be free.

“The postpartum Medicaid expansion, what I’ve said in the past and continue to say today is the data is incomplete at best … I think it’s something that they’re working on in the Legislature and I think they should continue to work on it. We don’t have great data … So again that’s an issue we’re continuing to work on and I continue to be very interested in the issue because I do want to make sure we go above and beyond in our attempts to support moms and babies, because we know that we are going to in the absence of Roe v. Wade have more babies born in our state which I think is a wonderful thing and a beautiful thing and we’ve got to look for a number of ways in which to support them.”

Truly, nothing sends absolute chills up my spine like a forced birther talking about "moms and babies," but it sure is especially grotesque to hear it in connection with "Oh boy, we're not sure about that postpartum healthcare!"

Perhaps he would be more amenable to the expansion it if doctors adopted a Mother Teresa-esque policy of withholding care for those who won't convert to Christianity?

Let's note that Mississippi has the highest infant mortality rate in the nation and its maternal mortality rate ain't doing so great either. You'd think someone so very concerned about "moms and babies" would want to do something about that.

[Mississippi Today]

Alabama Lawmaker Wants To Charge Abortion-havers With Homicide

There was a time, a very quaint time, when anti-choicers would at least pretend to not want to throw those who had abortions in prison, when they clung to a strange narrative in which it was the doctors who were at fault, doctors who were convincing vulnerable women to abort their children for ... nefarious purposes of some kind. I guess. This was less likely because of any compassion than because people might be less amenable to the idea of outlawing abortion if they knew people would be sent to actual prison over it. Anyway, they're not doing that anymore!

Alabama state Rep. Ernie Yarbrough (R-Trinity) has announced his intention to file a bill that would charge those who perform or have abortions with homicide.

“Abortion is murder, and justice demands that our laws treat it as such,” Yarbrough said in a statement. “If you look at Alabama law, you will see there is an exemption that says that abortion is not murder in our state. It’s time we change that. This bill is simply an attempt to align our law with our rhetoric. Alabamians agree: life begins at conception, and abortion is murder. The Abolish Abortion in Alabama Act reflects that sentiment.”

The bill was crafted by a group called End Abortion Alabama, a 501(c)4 founded in Prattville in December 2021. The leader of the organization is one DJ Parten, a little twerp who is all kinds of excited about sending people to prison for having abortions.

“Women who are victims, who are in difficult situations and maybe pressured to commit an abortion, we’re working on some things to protect those women,” Parten said in a statement. “But women who intentionally terminate their child should not be granted blanket immunity. There certainly are exceptions where we don’t want them to face prosecutions. But women openly boasting about abortions, using that language, those women are not victims. Nobody by nature of being a woman should be immune from prosecution.”

Alabama, unsurprisingly, has the deadliest prisons in the nation, probably because of how much they love life there.

[Alabama Political Reporter]

Kansas Lawmakers Vote To Ban Telemedicine Abortion

Last year, to everyone's surprise, Kansans voted to not ban abortion in their state. Their own legislature, it seems, was not too happy about that. The Kansas state Senate voted this week to ban telehealth providers from prescribing abortion pills, not for any valid science or health-based concern, but because they don't like abortion and don't want people to have abortions.

The bill was introduced by Republican Senator Mark Steffen and would also inhibit the ability of a governor to do anything to change the law in the event of a health emergency. Senator Steffan also supported another bill, Senate Bill 6, which would limit what health officials in the state are allowed to do during a disease outbreak or health emergency. Both of these terrible bills will now be sent to the House.

[Fox 4]

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