Reptile People From the Future Will Eventually Read Sarah Palin's E-Mails

  • For reasons which are all too clear, The Wretched State of Alaska has delayed the release of Sarah Palin's governor e-mails fourteen times, and two more delays are pending! Why won't Alaska's bureaucrats let us read the gchat exchanges between Sarah Palin and the Bloomingdale's panties that she purchased with Michael Steele's American Express card? And will we ever have the pleasure of enjoying the frantic e-mails Palin sent to Planned Parenthood, when she found out Bristol was eight months pregnant? No. But Martian colonists will read about all of these things, in five hundred years. [McClatchy]
  • The latest Census data shows a sharp increase in the number of multifamily households, which means most Americans can't even afford to squat in their own foreclosed condos anymore and are forced to move in with grandmammy instead. [NYT]

  • Thousands of travelers are still trapped at JFK International Airport. They are probably pretty grumpy. [AP]


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