Republican Brita Filter Unable To Purify Dirty Scott Brown


  • Next election, Joe Lieberman will run as a "good old-fashioned New England PLEASE RE-ELECT ME?" [Think Progress]

  • Is Scott Brown "pure" enough to be a member of the Republican Party, the blue-blooded Teutons of American Values? Well, just for starters, his presumed heterosexualness hints at "nope." [The Caucus]

  • Barack Obama (or something) told Andrew Sullivan he could finally import honey-baked haggis without fear of persecution. Totally Falsch! And another broken campaign promise. [The Daily Dish]

  • The internets has been overtaken by male enhancement pill banditos. [Hit & Run]

  • Fox News is the #1 sitcom in America, mostly because teevee viewers loved the episode when Barack Obama lost the Massachusetts presidential elections. [Daily Intel]


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