Republican Congressional Candidate Videotapes People Having Sex!

Pennsylvania's fifth congressional district front-runner, Republican Derek Walker, has been charged with two misdeameanors and four felonies for jaywalking repeatedly. And by jaywalking we mean stalking and videotaping some guy slamming Walker's ex-girlfriend at her house. The question is, of course, whose sex bits was his camera focusing on?

If Republican sex history is any indication, he was definitely zooming in on the guy's flappy balls and not the ex's vaginer. It would also indicate the he hoped the guy was like 12-years-old. Because if he were *straight* and *into adults*, why would he ever have broken up with a girlfriend?

The criminal complaint, filed in District Judge Richard Ireland's Clearfield office, charges Walker with burglary and criminal trespass, both felonies, and the misdemeanors criminal attempt, invasion of privacy, disorderly conduct and stalking.

The complaint, filed by Clearfield police Chief Jeffrey Rhone and signed by [District Attorney] Shaw, accuses Walker of using his cell phone to videotape a former girlfriend in an intimate moment with another man on Aug. 25, 2007. The complaint also alleges that he had contact with her on two other occasions, despite being told by a police officer on Aug. 25 that he should avoid further contact and that charges were pending.

Walker is running against nine other Republicans in the primary, and the announcement comes just as the state Senator pro tempore was endorsing Walker.

Investigators are racing through Walker's Internet browsing history to see if/how often he visited

Stalking, burglary charges filed against Congressional candidate [Centre Daily Times]


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