Republican Fantasyland: No Actual Medicare, Tax Cuts For Millionaires

Republican Fantasyland: No Actual Medicare, Tax Cuts For Millionaires

What do Republicans in Congress dream about, after they get bored of Cialisbating to ROTC videos? Lowering taxes even more for the very richest people in America while doubling the cost of medical care for senior citizens. That's what the budget passed tonight by the House GOP promises to do -- and even though it will never get through the Senate, we now live in a country where the "socialist Kenyan" thinks this basic idea is very good. Cut the deficit! Everyone must sacrifice! Keep slashing taxes for the wealthiest people inhuman history. Why not? What are old people going to do, vote differently? Hahahahah.

The Tribune Washington Bureau reports:

It cuts taxes on the top income earners and businesses — from 35 percent to 25 percent — while closing unspecified loopholes and tax exemptions. "This budget keeps America exceptional," Ryan said before the vote. "It preserves its promise to the next generation."

Ryan's budget blueprint would do away with Medicare's direct payment for health care for seniors, replacing it with a voucher system in which seniors choose between private insurers. The Congressional Budget Office found that part of the plan, which would take effect in 2022, could nearly double out-of-pocket costs for seniors.

And all this means we have to continue hearing the alleged liberals in Washington talk about "the deficit" as if it's some pressing issue that can only be solved by stomping the 90% of people in this country who will be deeply hurt by the end of senior health care in this country. Are we exaggerating? Not at all. Double the price of "government health care" for old people and all but the wealthiest people are going to suffer. Can you handle a doubling of your health costs, today? Try it when you're 70.

Oh yeah and the entire phony "deficit crisis" or budget shortfall or whatever you want to call it could be solved in five minutes by simply raising taxes on the rich or making the biggest corporations pay at least a little bit of tax or slashing the defense budget today. Gah.


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