Republican Leadership Honors Joe Barton's Apology To BP

Republican Leadership Honors Joe Barton's Apology To BP

Remember when everybody was so outraged about actual Oil Industry Millionaire Joe Barton apologizing to BP for all the trouble America caused by allowing BP to destroy the entire Gulf of Mexico? And the GOP House leadership dragged Barton into a back room and slapped his cheeks gently with their flaccid old orange penises? And he was going tolose his spot as the ranking Republican on the powerful House Energy committee? Well, let's let bygones be bygones, because America needs to move on.

All is forgiven, right? USA Today reports on what The Hill reported:

Following a closed-door meeting of Republicans today, House Minority Leader Rep. John Boehner, R-Ohio, told reporters that Barton apologized to fellow GOP lawmakers for his "poor choice of words" and the "issue is closed," The Hill reports.

Hooray, the issue is closed! Everybody tell the Democrats so Joe Barton won't end up in every Democratic campaign ad this year.

The Republicans really don't want to win the House. Governing is annoying, anyway.

ALSO: MSNBC is reporting that two people just died working on the containment effort, and the well is suddenly gushing LOTS more crude into the Gulf of Mexico. So it's a good time to secure Joe Barton's position as America's Oil Industry Man on the House energy committee.


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