Republican Superspies Stage Daring Takedown Of Opponents In ... WYOMING???
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Oh, noes! Republicans have a secret plot to win elections by crafting policies that actually appeal to voters. We're in trouble now, kids! Haha, just kidding. They're going to stick with ratfucking and suppressing the vote, thank you very much.

The New York Times is out with another exposé on the Republican dipshits who think they're superspies because they go around LARPing as people who care about the country, while secretly recording earnest do-gooders for heavily edited gotcha videos. It's the second part of a story from last month about a harebrained plot to get rid of Donald Trump's national security advisor H.R. McMaster because he called his boss a fucking idiot (allegedly) and pissed off mercenary Zelig Erik Prince by putting the kibosh on his plan to become viceroy of Afghanistan. It involved Project Veritas and a cathouse of women with codenames like "Brazil" and "Tiger" on a mission to take out the Deep State by sexying up to national security officials and taping them talking shit about the Trump administration. It went exactly as well as you'd expect — which is to say, they got nothing.

Today the Times is out with another installment of the story, this time featuring bullshit artists unleashed on Democrats and moderate Republicans in Colorado and Wyoming. Call it Ratfuckers: The Rocky Mountain West Edition, AKA the worst "Real Housewives" spinoff ever.

Our story features Beau Maier and Sofia LaRocca, an attractive young couple who both completed the Project Veritas supersecret undercover operative training with British ex-spy Richard Seddon at Erik Prince's ranch in Wyoming. The pair lived in the operation's Georgetown cathouse together before relocating to the Mountain time zone in 2020 to infiltrate the Wyoming Democratic establishment and take out Republican moderates who dared to cross Trump.

Before Rep. Liz Cheney turned Benedict Arnold, Wyoming Gippers had pissed off Dear Leader by putting supposed RINO Mark Gordon in the state house in 2018, snubbing Trump's preferred candidate Foster Friess, a Project Veritas donor who died last month. Apparently the plan was to discredit the Republican squishes by proving they had cahoots-ed with Democrats to box out Friess, whom both sides agreed was fucking crazy.

Toward that end, Maier and LaRocca dropped about $30,000 to buy their way into progressive circles, including donations of $10,000 from each of them to the Democratic National Committee, which got them invites to the Las Vegas Democratic primary debate in February. Whether this money came out of their own pockets is not clear — although it would be really bloody stupid for them to violate campaign finance law by using someone else's cash for a political donation. Just ask Lev Parnas.

But the Times reports that Gore-Tex heiress Susan Gore, a staunch Libertarian who famously tried to adopt her ex-husband to increase her children's inheritance, bankrolled the operation in some fashion, possibly motivated by her vehement opposition to marijuana legalization. And before you go pointing out that deregulating cannabis is kind of the ur Libertarian position, may I remind you this woman is very rich and is thus not bound by your bourgeois demands for ideological consistency.

Maier, an Iraq war vet and the nephew of online screamer Glenn Beck, cozied up to moderate Republicans, claiming to support medical marijuana as a treatment for PTSD. Meanwhile, LaRocca took a job first with the Wyoming Young Democrats and then with the Wyoming Investor Network, a coalition of liberal donors, which supports some moderate Republicans in the functionally one-party state.

Despite Seddon's intensive tutorial, LaRocca's op-sec seems to have been sub-optimal. She initially introduced herself to Democrats as Cat Debreau, later claiming she'd gone back to her real name after police told her a man who'd been stalking her online had "reformed." She lived in Colorado and claimed she couldn't move to Wyoming because she had a dog. Smelling a rat, the Young Democrats took steps to restrict her access to email. But LaRocca does seem to have had some success in befriending at least one person and setting him up for a sting video.

Nate Martin, the head of progressive group Better Wyoming, gave a speech in which he admitted to having strategically voted in the Republican primary. Video of the speech appeared on a website suggesting that Republican moderates were in an unholy alliance with Democrats. According to the Times, the video was likely recorded by an acquaintance of LaRocca's, Alexandra Pollack, who admitted she was in Wyoming at the time of Martin's talk but claimed to be unable to discuss it because of a confidentiality agreement. It's possible the pair are sitting on a cache of intel, but if the Martin video is all they got — besides a dare to the local US attorney to investigate a possible straw man donor operation — then Gore could have saved her money.

Just before the November election, Maier and LaRocca disappeared. Well, sort of. LaRocca said she had to travel to Venezuela for a family emergency. In fact, the pair never left. They got married in Big Horn last week, and Maier is now in business with Seddon importing ammunition. Because America First is all good, but when there's a buck to be made, that shit goes right out the window.

That train is never late!


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