Republican Oral Sex Creep Will Go To Prison For Sucking

Hey gents! Have you ever been hanging out with a dude friend and gone to sleep and then woken up with your sex organ in your dude friend's mouth? Pretty freaky, right? Well, that is exactly what happened to this one guy who was hanging out with Glenn Murphy Jr., the former head of Indiana's Clark County Republican Party and chairman of the Young Republican National Federation. So Glenn Murphy Jr.'s victim sued him, and now he has to go to prison for two years and then register as a sex offender forever.

Murphy was going to fight the charges until the prosecution said they could dig up three other men who said he'd pulled the old "whoops how did your dick end up in my mouth?" trick on them.

This is a sad day for sneaky oral sex perverts everywhere.

Ex-Clark GOP official pleads guilty in sex case [Louisville Courier-Journal]


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