Republican Tracker Successfully Comes To Near-Fisticuffs With Elizabeth Warren's Hired Muscle


Who is this manly man protecting Elizabeth Warren? Some funny guy... who gives Elizabeth Warren problems that she probably doesn't need right now? Watch, as this annoying Republican tracker gets exactly what he wants from the fella in the green hat: a little camera shove and some comical threats.

The Weekly Standard is all over this:

The Republican staffer holding the camera films Warren leaving the event and entering her SUV. One of Warren's aides, who looks to be, perhaps, her driver, pushes the camera twice, and the second time it falls to the ground. The tracker picks up the camera and continues filming, while the Warren staffer says, "Dude, get out of my face or I'm going to call the police."

"It's a public event," the Republican staffer says multiple times. Finally, as he's walking away, the Warren staffer says, "You're messing with the wrong people."

He really does say "you're messing with the wrong people," too. Silly!

[Weekly Standard]


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