Republicans Are Dicks And Donald Trump Is Their Daddy: Your Weekly Top 10

Wonkette Baby has baby tooth now!

Good morning (or afternoon or after dusk o'clock if you are an in-sleeper; we don't judge). We made it through another week, together. And you even helped us reach our Kickstarter goal, so now we have to make you this game, of cards and silly U.S. of America elections, don't we? Awwwww, you guys and gal-guys are the best.

OK, here is your weekly Top Ten List of stories you should have read already but didn't, but read 'em now and we'll forgive you:

  1. For this week's Off The Menu, you enjoyed stories of customers who ate things they really weren't supposed to. Ewww, so gross.
  2. On Thursday night, you had nothing better to do than laugh along with our liveblog as we watched CNN pretend Donald Trump and the other Non-Trump losers still matter, at the GOP debate.
  3. Apparently, you needed yet more affirmation that Republicans are dicks, and we gave it to you. Gave it to you SOOOOO GOOD. 
  4. Editrix told you a delightful tale of her husband (hi, Shy!) taking vicious, belated pleasure in General Sherman’s March To The Sea.
  5. Senate Republicans held a vote and decided they do not want to work, they just want to bang on the drum all day.
  6. Yelp fired an employee for publicly criticizing it, and the internet was shocked, so we were shocked right back.
  7. "Moderate" John Kasich fondly recalled the old-timey days of his first election, when women "left their kitchens" to campaign for him. Awwwwwwwwwww.
  8. We yelled at you about bagels. You liked it.
  9. After everyone got mad at "moderate" John Kasich, for being a gross sexist pig, he smirked that he was sorry-not-sorry and told everyone to "relax" about him being a gross sexist pig, who is gross. Yup, real quote.
  10. Republicans are finally starting to accept that Donald Trump is their new daddy.

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