Republicans Are Terrible At The Internet, PolitiFact Kills Irony, And Other News You Can Maybe Use

Good morning, sunshines! Want to know what you missed while you were sleeping? Too bad, we're going to tell you anyway.

  • Republicans are terrible at the internet. TERRIBLE. And now they have a real hip new video game, circa 1981, to really show them Democrats what's what. And yes, it's Atari-compatible. We think.

    The game features a patriotic elephant named Giopi, who happens to be one of the GOP’s best volunteers. Giopi leads you through four difficult levels, with a focus on one goal: winning a Republican Senate majority.

    You’ll need to watch out for the job-destroying “Taxers.” You can jump on top of them to suppress their high taxes.

    You’ll also have to dodge the “Mudslingers.” To escape their false and empty rhetoric, jump on them and mute their misleading words.

  • In case you were dying to know what some lady at thinks about Beyoncé and feminism ... oh, never mind.
  • Awwwwwwwwkward:

    Spain has been forced to apologise to the King of Morocco after officers patrolling for drug smugglers and human traffickers attempted to board the North African royal's yacht.

    King Mohammed VI and his entourage were enjoying a day on the water when they were approached by a Spanish civil guard boat patrolling waters off Spain's North African enclave of Ceuta.

    Officers approached two speed boats and three jetskis being used by the Royal party to inquire about the identities and destination of those on board.

    According to Spanish daily newspaper El Mundo, the infuriated Moroccan monarch shouted: "Do you know who I am?" When Civil Guard officers replied "No", the monarch removed his cap and sunglasses and was instantly recognised.

  • The cesspool of journamalism that is Tucker Carlson's Daily Caller tries to be funny about racism. It does not go well:

    The Daily Caller’s alphabetical tour de force showing that absolutely everything is racist rolls unstoppably on.

    Here are 11 things beginning with the letter “P” that someone, somewhere has deemed terribly, insidiously racist.

  • Tom Petty is probably thrilled:

    On their second day of rallying in the parking lot of a dive bar here, supporters of Darren Wilson – the Ferguson police officer who shot and killed Michael Brown – found their theme song.

    It happened when Robin Clearmountain, of St. Louis, spontaneously broke into a rendition of Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down,” as organizers prepared to speak. At first no one joined her. But by the final chorus, everyone was sing-shouting “I won’t back down” like they meant it.

    “You realize you just chose our theme song, right? You realize that, right?!” one of event’s organizers told Clearmountain afterward, beaming as he clasped her shoulders. He promptly played Petty’s original over the loudspeakers.

  • Just going to leave this here without any comment whatsoever:

    Here's the newest example of a clever invention that shouldn't have to exist.

    Undercover Colors is a line of chemically enhanced nail polish currently being developed by undergrads at North Carolina State University. The polish can reportedly detect the presence of date-rape drugs such as (one would assume) rohypnol in drinks and change color to indicate a warning.

    So far, few details have been announced about the product, which a spokesperson tells the Triangle Business Journal is "in the R&D stage." It got an early boost by winning a university entrepreneurship challenge called the Lulu eGames and from an early investor who contributed $100,000, the business journal reports.

  • PolitiFact, the fact-checking site that is somehow always able to conclude that President Obama is mostly LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE even when he isn't, explains the seven steps to better fact-checking. In related news, irony just called from a bridge and is about to jump.
  • Good point:No, wait, stupid point. Possibly the stupidest point ever pointed.

So what points would you like to make today, stupid or otherwise?


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