Republicans' Crazy Racism And Sexism Survey, Revealed!

This sample voter actually objects to both ismsYesterday, we discussed how the Republican National Committee is performing extensive research to find substitutes for certain unprintable words that have wonderful ways of goosing voter turnout. Wonkette operative James Del went under double-secret cover to secure images of the actual survey supposedly sent out by the RNC to college students. Truly alarming 'agree/disagree?' questions, after the jump!

First: Women are complainers, vixens, cows, and meddlers, and Social Security should be privatized. Agree or disagree?

Also: humorless.

Next: Black people are threatening, trustworthy, anxiety-inducing, worrisome, and better dancers. Agree or disagree?

Barack Obama is your new bicycle

And now for the Hillary Clinton lightning round. What if we were to tell you she said this thing that George Bush actually said? Would that make her seem like a strong, effective leader, or a miserable ball-chomping battleax?

The latter, perhaps?

Thanks to James Del, LTD for the sleuthing.

UPDATE: The SurveyU people have asked that we publish their email response to this. Here it is!

We are SurveyU, authors of the survey reproduced in your post of February 26th. We were not asked for any information regarding our survey prior to publication by any member of your staff or by James Delgiudice, the purported 'sleuth' behind your article's assertions.

We are the sole author of the survey and received no payment or other consideration from any organization, including the one identified in your post, to create and distribute the survey. It is our intention to publicly release our analysis of the results within the coming weeks.

We therefore request that you immediately amend the post to indicate these facts.

Without regard to your incorrect inferences as to whether this constitutes an attempt to architect attack strategies or create 'push polling', the survey uses a number of constructs commonly used by psychologists to measure attitudes toward race and gender (attached) and does not evidence any

pre-determined bias or desired result. We used these constructs to attempt to measure whether race and gender are underlying motivators behind the voting intent of college students.

In a separate section of the survey a series of statements made by Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton were randomly assigned to one of the candidates or the other. This research technique is used to uncover any underlying bias that students have toward each candidate by seeing how the electability /

appeal ratings differ when the same statement is attributed to each of the candidates.

SurveyU is proud of its use of scientific methods of gauging the sentiments of college students for the purpose of contributing to public discourse. We have produced a number of surveys for this purpose, all of which can be freely downloaded from

You are on notice that you have made false statements as to our motivations and our intent. We request that you either remove the post or reprint this letter in its entirety within the body of the post.


Dan Coates


Dan Coates, Co-Founder

SurveyU - The Voice of the American Student


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