Hey look, Mexicans!

If there's one thing the National Republican Senatorial Committee is known for, it is being hilarious. That's why you need to get your funny bone ready for a good ticklin' when you watch this video tweeted out by Jon Adams, the NRSC's digital director. It's the GOP's opening salvo in defeating Indiana Democratic Senator Joe Donnelly, and the punchline is "Mexicans":

Oh golly, take a moment to catch your breath! Now, in case the Republicans aren't dogwhistling clearly enough, here's the tweet from Adams:

#MexicoJoe. How original and funny and not at all racist.

In fact, the Republicans clearly say that racism is not their point here. (Republicans always say that.) It's just Donnelly is a big hypocrite, because he's supposedly against outsourcing, but it turns out his family business outsources jobs to Mexico. (Donnelly no longer has any stake in the company.) That's why the VERY FUNNY signs accompanying the mariachi band said “Made in Mexico USA” and “Outsource Donnelly out of DC.”

Of course, we had to look that up. Apparently it's well-known in Indiana, so maybe Hoosiers won't see it and assume Donnelly wants to bring all the Mexican rapists to Indiana, some of whom, we assume, are lovely people. Or maybe some of them will. That's the great thing about dogwhistles -- racists can interpret them in all kinds of racist ways!

We are just curious if attacking Joe Donnelly over using foreign labor in the past is really the smartest move, considering how Republican President Make America Great Again and his whole family are still profiting off of having their cheap, tacky shit made overseas, and Trump has been known to staff his resorts with foreign workers a time or eleven.

Maybe Donnelly can respond with an ad called, "Really? That's What You're Going With?"

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