Republicans Discover That Obama Is President


Several weeks into a major publicity blitz by Rahm Emanuel and the MSM, it is a nationally known fact that Rush Limbaugh is President of the Republicans. But who is President of the Democrats? If you'd asked any Republican during the whole stimulus bill horror show, they would have answered, "Nancy Pelosi, naturally."

It just made sense to continuously attack Nancy Pelosi, a grandmother of eight, and Harry Reid, a very quiet little beige man, as the fearsome authors of the porkulous stimulus bill and the personal agents of Satan. "Barack Obama, whoever that is -- now he is an all-right guy," said Republicans; "too bad he has no power to set a legislative agenda or whatever."

Now they have figured out that Barack Obama is both the President of America and also President of Democrats, and he is just a big fat libtard, bigger and fatter than Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid combined, and while they have been heaping their scorn and derision on two helpless old people Barack Obama has somehow remained popular.

Well, that won't do! So now they shall attack this new president with 60 percent approval ratings and demand more tax cuts.

In a Shift, House Republicans Take On Obama [CQ Politics]


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