Republicans + Email = Racist Anti-Obama Stuff

Hmm, any Republicans forward someEmail lately? Oh yes, sure, here we go: "Diann Jones, a vice chairman of the Collin County Republican Party, has apologized for an e-mail that some local judges denounced as racist." Hooray! As is usual in such cases, this GOP leader from this Dallas exurb is denying any racist intent in sending this email bitching about the "black house" where Obama is plotting against Americans, an email she sent to all the Republicans in "local Republican clubs," because the REAL crime is that one of the recipients, a local Republican judge, is kind of tired of his party being a bunch of idiot racists, so he sent it to a bunch of other judges, who will HMMMM pass judgment on Diann Jones, in some Texas form of justice, such as a mild rebuke?

The Dallas Morning News reports:

In an e-mail Tuesday to state District Judge Robert Dry, Jones wrote, "If someone is offended by something in an e-mail, I don't think forwarding it on to 50 other people [that never originally saw it] is really prudent ... That action simply multiplies the offensive e-mail and enlarges the damage."

Yeah, jeez, let's not tell everybody the GOP is just a fringe-nut group of old white people FURIOUS about this negro in the White House.

Oh, and the thing this idiot "Diann Jones" was complaining about? A proposed Texas state tax on gun purchases. This is what brought this county GOP leader to the conclusion that she simply must send an email to Republican voters clubs that included the hilarious comment: "Another terrific idea from the black house and its minions."

So, we've had the GOP county leader gal who sent out the "Obama Bucks" watermelon-chicken food stamps, the Southern California suburban Republican mayor who sent out the hilarious White House-watermelon garden email, the Florida state committee-woman GOP gal who sent out that "So how did black people travel in airplanes to Obama's inauguration when they couldn't get out of New Orleans during Katrina?" email comedy, the Republican mayor in South Carolina forwarding his "just out of curiosity" musings about the Muslim Barack Obama being maybe a character in the Bible (the Devil, in fact), and the Republican mayor of some Georgia town typing a hilarious Facebook status message suggesting Barack Obama should give the Queen of England some typical black-person snacks such as cigarettes and malt liquor.


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