GOP Rep. Nancy Mace Never Gets Credit She Deserves For Being Complete A-Hole

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GOP Rep. Nancy Mace Never Gets Credit She Deserves For Being Complete A-Hole

Back in June, it was apparent the US would miss the vaccination goals the Biden administration had set for the 4th of July. Vice President Kamala Harris and Secretary of Health and Human Services Xavier Becerra headed out to the mostly Republican-run states that were lagging behind in getting shots into the arms of their residents. They weren't greeted as liberators from a serious disease. No, Republicans claimed Harris was wasting her time grandstanding when she should've reported to the US-Mexico border to shoo away migrants.

When Harris visited South Carolina, GOP Governor Henry McMaster said the state didn't need Harris's help. My father, who lives in Greenville, South Carolina, sent me a text message calling McMaster an “a-hole." You know my father is upset when he gets PG-13.

GOP Rep. Nancy Mace shared a photo on Twitter of some MAGA supporter holding up a sign that read, "The Border Is That Way." We presume the MAGA supporter is still alive. The state's COVID-19 rates aren't so good, though. South Carolina's seven-day case average has increased from 324 when Mace tweeted that pic, which comes across as an only slightly politer version of "VP N-Word Go Home," to an alarming 9,311.

Nancy Mace Border Is That Way tweetTwitter

Mace tweeted, "SC has a message for VP: Stop making up problems just to avoid real ones. We can vaccinate our citizens just fine without you dropping by."

COVID-19 has claimed the lives of at least 9,981 South Carolinians so far. A reported 31 people died Monday. It's very much a real problem. Harris didn't make it up.

Mace's tweet wasn't just rude, which is standard for racist tweets. It was inaccurate. South Carolina's vaccination rate is just 41 percent. Only 11 states are in worse shape.

She was still trying to make that border crisis fetch when she hopped on Senator Ted Cruz's “blame immigrants" bandwagon last month.

Mace shared a clip we won't watch from an appearance on Jeanine Pirro's show. She tweeted:

While Nancy Pelosi is threatening to arrest people for not wearing a mask, our southern border crisis remains a super spreader.

Did you know US Citizens must test negative for COVID when traveling from Mexico back home? Illegal Immigrants at the border? Not so much.

Hey, she said “border crisis" and “super spreader" in the same sentence. Isn't that scary? However, data from one of the largest migrant shelters in South Texas showed that 90 percent of migrants had voluntarily received the vaccine. Illegal immigrants aren't the bogeyman here. Mace should consider calling out her anti-vax colleagues who spread misinformation and help keep rates down, endangering lives. Instead, Mace claimed Democrats were "virtue signaling" when they obeyed mask mandates in the Capitol.

She was a little late to the party, but Mace did tweet Monday that “vaccination is effective against all variants of Covid-19. Where vaccination rates are higher, infection rates are lower; hospitalizations are lower; deaths are lower." That's the very message the vice president tried to amplify in June.

It's frustrating how the mainstream media enables the GOP's short-term political antics. Republicans should be called out daily for inflating the threat at the southern border while ignoring the COVID-19 surge in their own backyards. People are dying.

We're not just talking about the Lauren Boeberts or Marjorie Taylor Greenes, either. It's the so-called "normal" Republicans in swing districts, like Mace, who are allowed to make their bones with MAGA while facing no press fallout.

Much of Mace's district, which she won by a percentage point, is now a COVID-19 hotspot. The Democrat who runs against her next year should make sure voters don't forget her callous, ignorant rhetoric.

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