Republicans Have Questions For Barack Obama!


John McCain might have a crappy old web site that sells golfing gear, but the Republican National Committee is running a very sophisticated Interwebs operation on his behalf. It is so sophisticated that theyfinally stopped the clock counting how many days had passed since Obama had been to Iraq, and maybe they will even reset it next week, after the clock-winder gets back from his vacation in Orlando. But the very best part of this web site is a section called "Can We Ask?", where visitors get to ask Barack Obama questions. They are predictably hilarious.

  • (Don - Mt. Clemens, MI) You ran a campain of change when Michigan and Florida Changed there primarys wouldn't the right thing to do be to say yes Michigan Yes Florida you changed i'm for change i'll be there insteed of following the party leaders who deemed millions of people nobodys? what would your response have been if this happened in a third world election? Who eles will you leave behind when Howard Dean sats to?This from a Michigan Democrat!!!
  • (Anonymous) No question, NoObama, Hillary for President, Dem. for MaCain
  • (Marcia - Alamogordo, NM) Why can't you vocalize your "change"?

And that is just from the very first page. Onward, page 2!

  • (Anonymous) You said 'When Americans go to France, they don't know the language'. How many Americans do you think could actually afford to go there or would want to go? Let Hispanics learn some English before they sneak into this country first.

The Hilltards hit the booze early on Fridays, apparently.

Can We Ask? [RNC]


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