Republicans Horrified Kamala Harris Bought $375 Pot In France While Poor People Exist

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Republicans Horrified Kamala Harris Bought $375 Pot In France While Poor People Exist

Last week, while in France, Vice President Kamala Harris bought a pot. It was a scandal, because some people are just racist assholes. The conservative Free Beacon broke this tabloid "exclusive."

Amid economic turmoil and calls to buy local in the United States, Vice President Kamala Harris dropped nearly $400 for a single pot at a boutique shop in Paris, the Washington Free Beacon has learned.

Overseas last week on a four-day diplomatic trip to mend the U.S. relationship with France, Harris stopped in at E. Dehillerin, a pricey cookware shop outside the Louvre museum, where she dropped hundreds of dollars on various kitchen items.

Gee, maybe the US vice president patronizing French businesses is an effective act of diplomacy. The GOP Twitter account immediately leapt on the story.

While Americans are struggling to pay more than EVER for the holidays, Kamala Harris is out buying a $375 pot.

Republicans, who once denounced “class warfare,” have shamelessly co-opted working-class populism. It’s not an entirely new phenomenon. They used to call Democrats “limousine liberals,” because apparently there’s nothing more hypocritical than having money while also preferring that poor people don't starve.

Yes, Thanksgiving dinner cost more this year than in 2020, most likely at least partially because Americans had Thanksgiving dinner with their families. Eating turkey sandwiches and potato chips during a family Zoom meeting was depressing yet cost-effective. We keep having to explain supply and demand to the political party voters inexplicably trust more on the economy.

There is also zero connection between people struggling financially over the holidays and Harris spending $375 for a cooking vessel. That’s actually less expensive than a Mauviel copper stock pot from Williams Sonoma, which must have a broader customer base than Black vice presidents. This is not an unusual or even all that extravagant purchase. It’s not as if they caught Harris buying an Oompa Loompa.

Christmastime is here, and Harris has a family. It’s even conceivable the pot’s a gift. Americans will spend a lot of money on presents over the next few weeks. They already honored Black Friday in their hearts and wallets. If Harris had announced she wasn’t buying expensive gifts but knitting everyone sweaters, Republicans would’ve accused her of “woke" virtue signaling.

But we get it: Kamala Harris likes to cook, so Republicans seize on this relatable interest and twist into a negative. It’s classic Karl Rove-style swift-boating — turn every strength into a weakness.

Republicans also bashed President Joe Biden because he spent Thanksgiving with friends who live in the foreign nation of Massachusetts. When the White House pool report revealed that the president and first lady Dr. Jill Biden were staying at the vacation home of David Rubenstein, co-founder of the Carlyle Group, in Nantucket, Politico’s Sam Stein tweeted: "The Glenn Youngkin-Joe Biden nexus is complete.” (Yeah, we don’t know what that means, either.)

The Bidens have spent Thanksgiving in Nantucket since 1975, but Republicans pretended the president is putting on airs, hanging out with billionaires and eating lobster. Presumably, their lord and savior Donald Trump spent Thanksgiving at a soup kitchen (he did not). RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel complained that Biden was in a “$30 million compound with his rich, elite friends as millions of Americans paid more for Thanksgiving.” Sheesh, you’d think she was wearing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Eat the Rich” dress.

McDaniel is the granddaughter of former Michigan Governor George W. Romney and the niece of Senator Mitt Romney. She has some personal experience with the “rich and elite."

Last Tuesday, the Bidens, Harris and Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff assembled Thanksgiving meal kits at the nonprofit DC Central Kitchen. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is charging $20,000 per couple for an “evening of merrymaking” Friday.

Start your holiday season with the greatest president in our time. Festive cocktails and dinner followed by photos and remarks by the president.

Trump is not currently the president and he’s certainly not the “greatest president in our time.” He’s also no humanitarian, but he never bought a fancy pot and cooked a lobster in it, so he’s a true man of the (white working class) people.

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