Well, for all their tuff talk on this racist Puerto Rican separatist who wasn't even very smart, the Republicans have just rolled over and shown the tyrannical Sonia Sotomayor their little white bellies. After spending two months complaining about nothing but the occasions when she said the two most forbidden words in the English language -- "wise Latina" -- they have basically admitted that theywon't filibuster her nomination.

Having failed to provoke a "meltdown" or a comical Rosie Perez-style torrent of Spanish invective, GOP senators have run out of options and may just have to let this one through.

Historians of the future will look back at transcripts of these proceedings and ask each other, "Did they really just spend four days asking this woman how she can make impartial decisions if she isn't white?" Then they will shrug and say, "Well, no wonder human society fell to the Great Roach Invasion of 2011. They were simply too dumb to live."

GOP won't filibuster Sotomayor, Republican senator says [CNN]


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