Republicans Put Socialist Liberal On Their 2009 Calendar


Here's the main image on the RNC's website: a calendar of George W. Bush, his wife Laura, and their little pooches. They are for sale of course! But no one will ever buy them after today, since George W. Bush decided to take $17.4 billion worth of existing funds from Hank Paulson -- who likely spent that much on an evil failed bank between 9:04 and 9:04:08 a.m. this morning -- to save potentially 100,000 jobs and the economy of an entire region, for a little while at least. Wow, Bush, KARL MARX MUCH? He's probably a Muslim too! And now the entire GOPhates him, especially one John "Walnuts" McCain, who blames Bush for ruining his career several times. [RNC, Politico]


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