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There was another mass shooting yesterday, this one in California that stretched across multiple locations, leaving four dead, including the gunman, and 10 wounded, two of whom were elementary-aged children. Thoughts and prayers...

Donald Trump sent his thoughts and prayers for the wrong mass shooting, but deleted the Tweet, so that never happened.

After hemorrhaging coffee and sponsorships for defending an ALLEGED pedophile, Sean Hannity gave Roy Moore 24 hours to conjure up a new defense of his ALLEGED pedophilia, otherwise Hannity will pack his balls and leave.

Incensed that Roy Moore might have lied about diddling kids, Steve Bannon is threatening to "put him in a grave [himself]" if it turns out Roy Moore did, in fact, diddle kids.

The RNC is saying, "No Moore," and cutting off its fundraising pact with Moore's campaign, but Moore doesn't seem to understand that "No" means "No."

Trump's State Department just approved a $2.8 million no-bid contract to protect US embassies in Russia, giving the nod to a company started and run by a former KGB spy who's spent his career installing spies. No biggie. [Morning Maddow]

A robocall has been reaching out and touching Alabama voters in search of Roy Moore kiddy fiddling stories; offering cash prizes and littler investigations -- but it's totally fake.

A now-deleted Twitter troll that spread a hoax story about journalists paying for dirt on Roy Moore had a long, fascinating history of convincing gullible idiots of pro-Trump nonsense.

New polling indicates the Alabama Senate race is effectively in toss-up territory as people just aren't sure if they want to vote for a pedophile.

Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch introduced some new amendments to the Trump/Ryan tax cuts (for the super rich) that will drench the lifestyles of the rich in champagne kisses.

Tucked inside Hatch's amendments is a plan to rip out the ACA's individual mandate, netting them Rs an influx of cash for more poor-fucking and caviar dreams.

There's an unofficial "creep list" of congress members quietly disseminated by interns, staffers, and lady legislators who've had to endure and defend themselves against grab-ass games.

Is Mike Pompeo setting himself up to succeed REXXON, or will it be Nikki Haley? We suppose it depends on how much you can stomach shoe leather.

Steven Bradbury is your new General Counsel for the Department of Transportation, despite a mavericky protest from John McCain, who joined Democrats in opposing Bradbury due to his involvement in drafting the Bush 43 torture memos.

While everyone was paying attention to Jeff Sessions's horrific attempt to avoid perjuring himself (again), The Senate Foreign Services Committee held a somewhat terrifying hearing on how we launch nuclear weapons.

Also on the Hill, as we watched Jeff Sessions try to "recall" things, Democratic and Republican Reps. Jackie Speier and Barbara Comstock told the House Administration Committee about the inexcusable bullshit they have to put up with as women in politics.

Later in the day, Paul Ryan announced mandatory anti-harassment training for House members and aides. Took long enough.

The House passed a bill to reauthorize the National Flood Insurance program, and that's great news -- depending on how often your house floods, or how much your business is worth. Maybe someday they'll reauthorize CHIP, too.

Trump's USDA really doesn't want to talk about its cozy relationship to pesticide lobbyists, or how a top Trump-appointed USDA official is "introducing" lobbyists to other government officials. House Democrats want some answers.

A Trump official has "You're Fired" himself after a story in ProPublica exposed his grifty loan scheme against Native American businesses.

The House is dumping a shitload of cash onto the Pentagon after passing a $700 billion defense bill to give the US more missiles, ships, warplanes, and to increase the number of military members, their pay and gear.

In an effort to offer an olive branch to all the terrified white people in the Atlanta suburbs, a group of content creators is inviting suburbanites to "Come Meet A Black Person."

The government of Zimbabwe is under siege after an apparent military coup to wrestle control from Robert Mugabe, however reports are sketchy as the military has seized control of state-controlled media.

North Korea is running its mouth and rattling sabers in response to some crap Trump said while on his grip and grin with all of the other dictators the ASEAN region.

Trump is back from Not America and he's already busy rubbing his fat, naked ass all over the White House furniture while tweeting crap about Fox and Friends.

Take some time and read this 'splainer about how Russian propaganda works. TLDR: Spray and pray.

Former President Steve Bannon is (still) super butthurt about the case of Michelle Fields, the former Breitbart reporter who was "You're Fired" herself after being chokeslammed by Trump's former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski.

For his part, Corey Lewandowski has done fairly well for himself since he was "You're Fired" for grabbing Michelle Fields. Lewandowski's "former" lobbying firm has been quietly setting up shop in DC, complete with a radio station.

Federal officials are coming out of the woodwork to say they really hope Jeff Sessions doesn't give in and appoint a special counsel to look into Hannity's uranium thing.

Once again, Fox News secret liberal, Shep Smith, blew his cover on live teevee and called bullshit on Hannity's uranium thing (something he's been avoiding for a while). Will Shep jump ship to a godawful daytime talk show too, or fall flat on another cable news network, like "Ol' what's-her-name?"

And here's your late night wrap-up! Stephen Colbert rounded up Roy Moore's sick sleaze; James Corden is wondering what Jeff Sessions can actually remember; Jimmy Kimmel had hacked by WikileaksSeth Meyers took A Closer Look at Trump's love affair with dictatorsThe Daily Show 'splainered how Trump doesn't get what "pulling out" means; Jordan Klepper is taking back at Black FridayJim Jefferies had some talky time with Rob Reiner about sexual harassment in Hollywood.

And here's your morning Nice Time! African penguins!

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