Republicans SO MAD They Made Trump Happen

So Donald Trump had a pretty super Super Tuesday, huh? What with all of that winning he did, from hippy-dippy socialist Vermont and only-slightly-less liberal Taxachusetts, to the deep red down-there regions of the Confederate states of AmeriKKKa. He let Ted Cruz win his "home" state of Texas, which was nice of him, and also Alaska, which is HI-larious because that tells you just how influential Drunk Sarah Palin's Drunk Donald Endorsement was in her up-there state.

[contextly_sidebar id="B7pzb2lkVgNEpAZPtAKLdUV3EgjY8Ccj"]Trump also gave Marco Rubio the consolation prize of first place in Minnesota, possibly to make up for the nut-kicking the Donald is likely to deliver in Florida on March 15. Florida is one of those states where Rubio kinda sorta but no seriously has to win. And not just a second-place win. That probably won't happen though, but at least he'll always have (LOL) Minnesota.

[contextly_sidebar id="KPtLza9a0qnZJ75PC7gVjMc03t8c7t4s"]The slow trickle of elected Republicans accepting their fate is starting to turn into a golden shower of bitter defeat. Just look at pathetic loser Chris Christie. Seriously, look at him. You'd almost feel sorry for that sad fuck who's become nothing more than a pitiful prop for Donald Trump, while his state of New Jersey is busy gathering the tar and feathers -- if he weren't such a hate-worthy asshat who deserves every bit of it.

Speaker Paul Ryan knows Trump is a disaster and tsk-tsked him for being uncertain about whether the loving embrace of the KKK was such a bad thing, really. But Ryan is a coward, and he'll still support Trump if he's the nominee. Ditto Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Ditto just about every other Republican leader.

And oh yes, he is going to be the nominee. Conservatives and Very Serious Journalists are still scratching their heads about Trump's rise, all of a sudden, from out of nowhere. Cranky columnist Ross Douthat figures it's Obama fault because reasons. He's not the only one. In December, Jeb Bush (remember that guy?) said Trump is "a creature of Barack Obama." Bill Kristol, who has never been right about anything in his entire life, tweeted in January that "Obama produced Trump." Nebraska's tea party Sen. Ben Sasse, who really REALLY does not like Trump, said last year that weak-ass tyrant Obama's failure to keep us safe is to blame:

“The people who are supposed to be laser-focused on defending the American people—that is us—mouth silly platitudes that show we’re either too weak or too confused to keep our people safe,” he said. “Then a megalomaniac strongman steps forward, and he starts screaming about travel bans and deportation, and offering promises to keep all of us safe, which to some and I think actually to many more than those of us in this body seem to understand, to some will sound much better than not being protected at all.”

But we know who's really to blame, don't we? Senate Minority Leader and Legislative Badass of 2015 Harry Reid spoke on the floor of the Senate Wednesday to remind his friends across the aisle where the blame belongs: right on their pointy little heads.

"Republicans shouldn't be surprised," he said. "They spent eight years laying the groundwork for the rise of Donald Trump."

They decided, from the beginning of Obama's first term, that he "was an illegitimate president," and they refused to work with him, or with congressional Democrats, to accomplish anything for the American people because, Reid explained, they "had only one objective: keep President Obama from being re-elected."

Republican leadership laid down with tea party dogs and got covered in fleas. They still couldn't stop Obama's re-election, but they have launched more than 500 filibusters to stop his agenda. And now they're refusing to do their job and even hold hearings on a nominee for the Supreme Court.

"Republicans decided that making the extreme rightwing happy was more important," Reid said. And that is why Trump is now the "standard-bearer of the Republican Party."

They built this. They own this. And if Trump destroys their party by becoming its nominee, well, it's exactly what they deserve.


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