Republicans To Meet In Hollywood Den Of Iniquity, We Feel Like We Have Heard This Somewhere Before?

Republicans To Meet In Hollywood Den Of Iniquity, We Feel Like We Have Heard This Somewhere Before?

We are having such astrong deja vu, fellow wonkdiddles, as the LA Times reports that the Republicans will be meeting in Hollywood because "minorities" and "50 State Strategy" and "Dean Scream" and whatnot. This is very exciting for the Republicans, apparently, who are quite busy lately explaining how brave and also crazy they are for going places that aren't even really America! Like California, for instance, or a black college. They are basically the bravery equivalent of Patton storming Normandie (did Patton storm Normandie? We do not know, we are a girl and do not care) or Rosa Parks sitting at the front of the bus, probably. Yeah, it is probably just like that.

With a symbolic visit to blue California, and an announcement Tuesday of new RNC hires who will try to forge ties with Asian American voters, [Reince] Priebus is attempting to show his party's commitment to campaign in areas that have been hostile to the GOP.

"The Republican Party has done a lousy job reaching out to communities across the country, but I am committed to changing that," he said. "This process starts in places like Los Angeles, where we need to be in every community, not just for a couple of months, but a lasting presence."

California Committeeman Shawn Steel called the decision to hold the meeting in Hollywood "bold" and a "visceral statement" about how serious the party was about rethinking its course.

You know what else is "bold" and "visceral"? Oh, how about maybe a LESBIAN BONDAGE CLUB????

And if you click the linkie, there is a picture of boobz.


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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