Republicans Unleash Hilarious 'Road To Recovery' Plan On Embarrassed Public


Earlier today, while no one was caring, the Republican House leadership unveiled"The Republican Road To Recovery," which is more or less the budget plan they pretend to support, even though they know it is 100% comical and will be rejected in full by Obama, thereby reinforcing his Communist public image just in time for the GOP to lose the next elections miserably, again.

Check out all the neat charts in this plan like the one above, explaining (with pickshers) how the Republicans will use magical powers (War) to transform a possibly black homeless welfare bum into a cleaned-up white professional in the thriving sector of residential real estate development. Other innovative ideas include lowering the top income tax rate by 10% from current Bush levels, yelling at Jimmy Carter for trying to give houses to the blacks in 1977 and thereby causing the current depression, and this sentence: "Republicans believe the best antidote for market turmoil is certainty and economic growth."

Just kind of a weird packet. E-mail it back to Cantor's office or something.

The Republican "Alternative" "Budget" [Matt Yglesias]

Behold, Charts! [Washington Independent]


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