GOP Reps Gonna Impeach Blinken For Not Stopping Car Bombs In War Zone
Reps. Andy Harris (R-Maryland) and Ralph Norman (R-South Carolina)

A couple of Republican back-benchers have filed two articles of impeachment against Secretary of State Antony Blinken over Thursday's deadly car bombings outside the airport in Kabul, because while all the senators are calling for Blinken and everyone on Joe Biden's national security team to either resign or be impeached, these doofuses actually are in the House, so they actually can introduce an impeachment resolution, even though it will go nowhere, there being a Democratic majority and all.

Still, a terrible thing happened, just as US intelligence and the State Department had warned was possible, even likely, so Blinken needs to be removed for failing to prevent a terrorist attack in the chaos of a war zone.

The eight-page impeachment resolution introduced by Reps. Andy Harris (R-Maryland) and Ralph Norman (R-South Carolina) asserts that Blinken failed to fulfill his oath of office and committed high crimes and misdemeanors by presiding over "a reckless abandonment of our nation's interests, security, and values in his role in the withdrawal of American forces and diplomatic assets from Afghanistan."

In particular, it claims that Blinken failed to actually evacuate all Americans quickly enough, which made the terrorist attack possible, and that he had ignored "critical intelligence received from the embassy in Kabul and United States intelligence agencies" prior to the withdrawal of forces.

Oddly, the impeachment resolution makes no mention of the US Embassy's warning to Americans in Kabul that an attack was imminent, so they should get the hell away from the airport area. It was a very specific warning, in fact.

Because of security threats outside the gates of Kabul airport, we are advising U.S. citizens to avoid traveling to the airport and to avoid airport gates at this time unless you receive individual instructions from a U.S. government representative to do so.

U.S. citizens who are at the Abbey Gate, East Gate, or North Gate now should leave immediately.

Ah, but even though the State Department got the warnings out, Blinken didn't stop the car bombers in an area that was controlled by the Taliban, which was also his fault because he let the Taliban take over.

Elsewhere, the resolution feels like gibberish, like this attempt to find an impeachable offense in a fairly broad statement Blinken's spokesperson made about "leverage," yes really:

On August 10, 2021, as the crisis in Afghanistan was evident and worsening, Secretary Blinken's spokesman, Ned Price, stated that ''the United States continues to have leverage. . .and the Afghan Government has tremendous leverage.''. An assertion now proven obviously erroneous constituting the provision of false information to the Congress and American citizens.

Further, Blinken apparently failed to fulfill his constitutional duty to keep Congress informed of everything it needed to be informed of, because his first public press conference on the collapse of the Afghan government didn't occur until a week after the Taliban took over Kabul.

Even worse, when Joe Biden said there would be no chaotic evacuations like those in the last days of Saigon, Blinken completely failed to inform the American people that Biden was totes lying, because several embassy staff in Kabul had sent cables calling for faster processing of visas for Afghan allies of the US military. In Harris and Norman's view, that meant Blinken failed to fill his "moral duty" and statutory obligation to

inform the Congress and American public ... that President Biden's remarks needed to be clarified to prevent any confusion at home and abroad.

Yes, again, really.

It's remarkably thin stuff, but then it isn't really an attempt to remove Blinken from office anyway; the goal was to get mentioned at Fox News and other rightwing outlets, so that worked just fine.

We honestly don't recall ever hearing of Reps. Harris and Norman, although we see they both were among the majority of House Republicans who voted against certifying the 2020 election, which just demonstrates how much they care about public servants staying true to their oaths.

Also, we'll just point out that if these dopes are going to claim that Antony Blinken and the US military withdrawal caused a car bombing in Kabul, they'll probably need to explain why terrorist attacks in Kabul were so common while the US was still in Afghanistan that the topic has its own Wikipedia entry, with separate lists for each year since 2008, the end.

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