Return Of The Son Of The Pantsuit

  • The campaign finance reform laws he authored have helped force John McCain into a position where basically the only ads he can make are the ones tying Barack Obama to the hippie terrorists who engineered America's mortgage meltdown. [Washington Post]
  • Japan's Nikkei index rose 14 percent today, hurrah! It was traders' first day on the job since last Friday's awful no-good very bad day. [AP]
  • Even white rural Bitters in Ohio, who believe Obama "has got some Muslim in him," are leaning toward the Democrat because they are so sick of being poor. [Christian Science Monitor]
  • John McCain is running Hillary Clinton's exact same campaign: chaotic, lurching from "Only I have the experience to lead" to "I am the only white opponent in this race" to, this week, "I am the scrappy underdog who will fight for you." And we all know how well Clinton's campaign turned out! [San Francisco Chronicle]
  • People who drink a lot have smaller brains than people who don't. This is why Bill O'Reilly refers to you people as "pinheads." [Chicago Sun-Times]
  • California is on fire again. [Los Angeles Times]

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