Rice Debate: Girl-on-Girl Action

Kay Bailey Hutchison was simply radiant in her electric blue jumpsuit today, making the case for Condi Rice's selection as Secretary of Sate. And by "radiant," we mean, "blinds the young." Hutchison pointed out -- as Joltin' Joe Lieberman did -- that Rice "has the president's ear," which sounds bad -- indeed, it tends to back up that rumor about how she also has Colin Powell's balls. But collecting body parts is really more Karen Hughes' thing. In fact, what the Texas senator meant is that Rice is close to the President and has his confidence. (An earlier version of the speech suggested that Condi "nibbles on the President's ear.")

Anyway, Hutchison also says her colleagues should "not re-hash things from the past for which she was not responsible." Like, say, Iraq? Interesting. She has the President's ear and yet shouldn't be blamed for anything that happened during the last four years when she shared that snuggle distance counsel? At first this confused us. Then we realized: Condi talks and Bush doesn't listen to her. She has more in common with Powell than we thought.

Rice Debate [C-SPAN.ORG]


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