Rich People to Spend Day in Uncomfortable Shoes

John Edwards, Barack Obama - WonketteSo the SEIU has this thing where they ask all the candidates to "walk a mile in my shoes," where the "my" is your typical SEIU member, i.e. not a rich person. Chris Dodd did it and the pictures are hilarious. Tomorrow, Barack Obama will pretend to a healthcare worker for a day. Because playing dress-up and entering the land of make-believe is the surest way of proving that you care about and understand the problems of the American working class. But hell, why limit it to the working class? Why can't other groups get in on this action? Why can't the candidates walk this mile in more comfortable shoes, belonging to people with more exciting jobs? We think it might go, a little something, like this...

* John McCain -- back in action! This time, he's a patrolman securing a Baghdad neighborhood. How's that surge goin', John? McCain will return in WALNUTS: First Blood!

* Tom Tancredo, we know you want to kick out all the immigrants, but what if you had to walk a mile in their shoes -- across the border fence! That's right, you'll be working as an scrupulous Coyote smuggler, shepherding poor farmers across the broken border... if the price is right.

* Can John Edwards manage a high-profile presidential campaign and an upscale Los Angeles hair salon for a day? Find out on Bravo, this fall!

* Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul -- can they share an apartment together without driving each other crazy? No, it's not really a job, but it would be funny.

* Welcome to you anger management session. Your counselor today: Mike Gravel.

Now it's your turn!

Obama to become home healthcare worker for a day [The Hill]

Sen. Chris Dodd Walks in the Shoes of Iowa Head Start Teacher Colleen Mehaffey [WalkADayInMyShoes2008]


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