Richard Leiby: Who Are We to Judge?

if they'd told me you were coming i would have baked a cakeRichard. Really. I believe that when a major media outlet takes a story away from a puny media outlet without giving credit, they call it "big-footing." Well, Richard, for such a short guy, you have really big feet. Salon was all over the "Is that really Howard Dean in Ninja III?" story weeks ago. In fact, the disillusionment his fans felt in discovering that their hunky hothead was not a B-move moonlighter is probably what precipitated his Iowa loss. As for the rest of the column, well. . . There is that story about the woman who makes cakes decorated to look like book covers! Wait, I thought I was reading the Washington Post, not Family Circle.

And you thought that after Iraq, gossip would be easy. Welcome to the shit, my friend.

Credit Where Credit's Not Due [WashPost]

Dean: Ninja power? [Salon]


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