Punchable Nazi Richard Spencer Accused Of Domestic Violence.

In perhaps the least surprising news this week, Richard Spencer -- America's Most Punchable Nazi -- has been accused of domestic violence by his ex-wife, Nina Koupriianova, in their divorce proceedings. In an interview with Buzzfeed, Koupriianova detailed the ways Spencer ("allegedly") abused her emotionally, physically and financially.

The descriptions of Spencer's abuse are shocking, even knowing full well that the guy is a Nazi.

Via Buzzfeed:

Koupriianova said that Spencer's favorite statement to her was, "The only language women understand is violence." He also allegedly told her once, "I'm famous, and you are not! I'm important, and you are not!"

In January 2011, about five months after their civil wedding ceremony and three weeks before their church wedding ceremony, Koupriianova said that Spencer dragged her down the stairs by her "legs, arms and hair" and threw her on a couch, resulting in bruises.

"I was very sick with the stomach flu, could not keep food or water down, and wanted to stay in bed recovering. Mr. Spencer wanted to watch a movie downstairs and did not take 'no' for an answer," she wrote. "He dragged me out of bed by my arms, legs, and hair, dragged me down the stairs, and threw me onto the couch. At that point he calmed down and turned on his movie. The incident resulted in bruises."

Koupriianova also argued in court that Spencer's continued insistence upon remaining in the spotlight as America's foremost Nazi puts her family in danger, and that as a result of this danger, he kept loaded weapons around the house in places where their children could find them.

The documents said that Spencer's "controversial public life" has led "his entire family to be targets of violence," and Spencer kept a loaded weapon in his bedroom that was "accessible by children" after he was "assaulted in public" on the day of President Donald Trump's inauguration.

"Despite the risk to his family," Koupriianova argued in court, "[Spencer] continues to engage in extremely polarizing public speech advocating 'peaceful ethnic cleansing' and a white-only 'ethno-state' which tends to invite passions and violence."

"Most, if not all, of [Spencer's] public speaking events result in violence," the affidavit states.

"Peaceful ethnic cleansing."

Spencer himself has denied the allegations -- except that there are screenshots of conversations between the two that back up Koupriianova's stories. One would have to imagine that if someone emailed someone talking about how they sent them on "an adventure down [their] staircase" and the person they emailed had not, in fact, done that, they would respond with "What are you talking about?" rather than "Can we talk?"

Here, he admits to feeling terrible about her bruised jaw and says he is sorry about it. Not really a thing one would say had they not been responsible for said bruised jaw in the first place.

Spencer also sent Koupriianova a series of disturbing texts asking her if she thought her parents would come to her funeral.

For his part, Spencer is claiming that keeping his children away from him is a form of child abuse, which it is not. If someone is abusive -- or, frankly, a fucking Nazi -- parents have an obligation to keep children away from them.

This is hardly the first time a white supremacist has had an issue with domestic violence. Earlier this year, Matthew Heimbach -- who at the time was the leader of the Traditionalist Worker's Party -- was charged with battery when he assaulted his wife after she caught him having sex with her former stepfather's wife. Spencer acolyte William Fears was charged with choking and beating his girlfriend.

There's a connection there. People are rarely just one kind of asshole. Violence against women, verbal abuse of women very often go hand in hand with extreme right-wing beliefs. You will very rarely encounter a white supremacist who thinks feminism is great, or vice versa. I, certainly, have never heard of one.


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