Richard Wolffe Hates the Continent Right Back

richardwolffe.jpgNewsweek on those snooty Europeans:

But it's not just the American president feeling the brunt of unpopularity here in Vienna. When a group of reporters attempted to hail a cab outside the Hilton Vienna hotel (where the White House press corps is staying) on Tuesday night, one driver waved the group off with a string of anti-American expletives. Calling Bush a modern-day "Hitler," the driver told the reporters they were "nasty Americans" and said he wouldn't permit them to step foot into his car.

Later that night, when "a group of reporters" tried to buy a couple drinks for a girl at the club, they were totally shot down. The reporters are a pretty good-looking guy, you know! This shit never happens in Spain.

America's Bad Rep [Newsweek]


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