Richy-Rich Obama Confuses Iowa Working People With His Fancy Lettuce Talk

And on that farm they grew some arugula .... - WonketteBarry Hussein Obama is not like Regular Americans -- you know, the 95% of Americans who aren't wealthy, good looking, slim and fancy eaters. All the presidential candidates are pretty well off, except for bankrupt Mike Gravel and (allegedly) Joe Biden, so Obama shouldn't get any special trouble for being a super rich Ivy League elitist ... unless he brings it upon himself.

Campaigning in Iowa this weekend, Obama asked the crowd, "Anybody gone into Whole Foods lately and see what they charge for arugula?"

He might as well have said, "Anybody here getting their hedge fund portfolios screwed by excessive exposure to these Collateralized Debt Obligations since Moody's started rebranding Triple A's?" Iowa doesn't have a Whole Foods Market, not in the whole state. The cuisine of Iowa consists of Corn Dogs and "funnel cakes," which are a kind of home-made grease donut rolled in sugar.

For those who remember such things -- we don't, but this blog pretends to -- Michael Dukakis enraged Iowa farmers when he suggested maybe they should consider not all being industrial agribusienss monocrop farmers and maybe try diversifying into fancier produce that could get a better price.

Of course, Dukakis won the nomination, so this obviously means now Obama will win the nomination and lose to a George Bush, too.

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