Rick Barber Brings Shame To Founding Fathers, With His Failure

  • You'd think a man who has all of our nation's founders on his side, is willing to call taxation slavery, and looks like he might beat someone to death at any moment, for looking at him funny, would be physically unable to lose a Republican primary in 2010, but that's just what Rick Barber did. It turns out that 60 percent of Alabama Republicans would rather see a lady who serves on the Montgomery City Council run for Congress than some dude who owns a pool hall and talks to George Washington, in his mind. [MSNBC]

  • In other Alabama GOP primary news, an outsider did win the gubernatorial nod -- but rather than being just seconds away from a massive rage-stroke à la Barber, Robert Bentley tried to be the nicest guy in the race. Who are these inhuman freaks, who don't vote for angry people? It probably helped that Bentley was endorsed by Tim James (TIM JAMES!) and Roy Moore, and that his opponent was attacked repeatedly by Alabama's teachers' union. [Southern Political Report]
  • You might think al Qaeda is romantic and progressive, because George Bush hates it, but it turns out that it's just another racist organization! Osama probably has a "Obama=Hitler" poster, hanging on the wall of his well-appointed cave. [ABC]

  • Add another group of Communists who want to help the Castro brothers cling to power: Sausage farmers from Texas. [NYT]

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