Rick Perry Probably Joining 2012 Race; Celebrates By Killing A Mexican

"Y2K Redux TEXUS 4 PREZ" should be your Twitter journalizm headline any day now, according to People Who Know Things. "Sources say" Rick Perrywill likely announce his candidacy within the next few weeks. A Google search on Perry's name has auto-fill "Rick Perry gay" still holding steady at the number three spot, so there's probably some comedy to look forward to there? No one is very surprised by this news, mostly because Perry recently fled Sanford-style to go suck Koch at a private summit in Colorado. And the green light from the Kochs is basically like the Michele Bachmann green light from God in terms of permission from the higher powers. So who will win, God or the Kochs? 

MEANWHILE, Texas executed a Mexican national convicted of a 1994 rape and murder over the protests of the White House, the Mexican government and the International Court of Justice.

From the Guardian:

On Thursday evening, the state of Texas strapped Humberto Leah Garcia Jr., a Mexican citizen, to a gurney in a government facility and poisoned him for the crime of raping and killing a teenager in 1994. Leal's sentence was carried out with the full knowledge and permission of Governor Rick Perry, a Republican who reportedly harbours presidential ambitions and may announce a run for 2012 at any time, and the US supreme court – but over the objections of the Mexican government, the Obama administration and the International Court of Justice, which ruled in 2004 that the US violated the Vienna Convention when it didn't inform Leal and 51 other Mexican citizens of their consular rights, post arrest.

But in America in 2011, agreeing to delay (let alone halt) the execution would have caused Perry political problems – and allowing the state to carry out the most final punishment has zero downsides for an ambitious politician.

Yeah, why let all those people spoil Rick Perry's party and his chance to boost his public image with the killing of a brown? "This is just the start," Rick Perry probably said. [Reuters/Guardian]


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