Rick Perry Thinks Alcoholism Is Gay In Today's Happy Links!


What a glorious day it's been over at Happy Nice Time People! Here's a simple rundown of the magic we've enacted.

We took Pretty Ricky Perry to school for his comments comparing homosexuality to alcoholism.

We fell in love with hockeysports.

We recalled a hilariously dirty Eric Cantor non-scandal from a few years back.

We had very Sapphic feelings towards Cindy Crawford as she writhed about in a George Michael video.

We watched the Internet freak out over a photo of a lady breastfeeding her baby.

We told a lady to go to the dentist.

We got an email about proposing with a fortune cookie.

We bade farewell to Cosmos.

We received a naked hockey picture from a new fan.

We watched Jon Stewart discuss Eric Cantor's loss to Da Brat.

We gave you some Lindsay Lohan sideboob, which James Franco has never touched, probably.


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