Rick Sanchez Still Alive, On Twitter


Rick Sanchez may be unemployed because of some stuff he said about the Jews, but that doesn't mean he has quit. Sanchez is still active, occasionallydoing interviews and sitting by the phone for one of the cable news channels that are run by fewer Jews than CNN to ask him to bring his trademark intellectual take on news-anchoring to their network. Sanchez's continued existence is chronicled on Twitter, of course, where his username is @RicksBook because he wrote a book. Really. "The one thing I’m promoting, the one thing that I represent now, other than my own stupidity, is the fact that I’ve written this book," Sanchez said. Actually, @RicksBook seems to be more about that stupidity thing! Let's have a look.

Rick is feeling lonely. He has 207 times more followers at his old CNN Twitter account than at his current one. Not only does he tweet little updates at his old CNN colleagues, he also tweets them at his old account:

And none of them seems to reply back.

The soul of a journalist never dies:

Rick Sanchez is born to run:

Is that what you call turning tricks to make ends meet? A "hummingbird festival"? Jews, come to your senses. Reading off a Twitter stream at 8 o'clock on cable is the only thing this man can really do for a living that doesn't bring shame to his family. No, wait, we take that back. Prostitution brings less shame than that show. Carry on, Rick.

Sweet prince. [Twitter]


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