Rick Santorum's Busy Day

Earlier today, we got this email from an operative:

I just got a call from a friend on the Hill right now, and she said that Senator Santorum was on the steps of the Capitol having his picture taken with a puppy.

A short while later on the Senate floor, he likened his colleagues who support the filibuster to Adolf Hitler.

When President Bush described Republicans as "the party of reform and optimism, the party of ideals and vision" a couple days ago, we thought the imagery was a little abstract. Now we get it. Republicans love puppies. Democrats are Nazis. No wonder a whopping 40% of the respondents of a WSJ/NBC News poll released today said Republicans should control Congress after the 2006 elections, while only 47% said Democrats should.

Rick Santorum Speech [ShadowTV]

Poll Shows Sagging Support for Congress [UPI]


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